We ‘Swarna Trades’ – ST provides a comprehensive range of products to our customers and our export business reaches a wide expanse of the international market. Our export company is dedicated to the spirit of steady development and growth. Our future lies in reaching to the world and we are doing just that to grab it with open hands. This is the quintessence of ‘Swarna Trades’ strength –belief in our potential and the conviction that nothing is impossible. With this attitude, we are exporting our diverse products to America, Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia.

Swarna Trades’ has in place a vigorous business structure so as to make sure that there are no activities which are being undertaken with insufficient insight and vision. We are a disciplined export company, popular for our integrity and unchanging objectives of first-class responsiveness to our customers. As our reputation shows, we are regularly seeking new opportunities for growth so to share our export quality products with several foreign clients as possible. That is how we will be serving our clients and the larger business community for years to come. Our export success is focused on satisfied customers, and that is our basic focus.

Due to a sound R&D expertise support and infrastructure, we have made it possible to maintain the topmost international standards of quality. Our export products have received excellent responses in international markets. The continued positive results have facilitated us to attain an outstanding image and increased market proportion in several foreign countries.

We have well laid down strict processes, to which we adhere to. The procedures are streamlined in order to prevent any confusion or mistakes. Our export company possesses the experience and a committed team to handle our business across all centres of production and supply. Due to our focus on the careful handling and exporting of perishable products and our strong emphasis on quality for all our other export products, we have earned a strong standing in the world market. We have been able to deliver high quality export products with reasonable competitive pricing by means of our strategic policy on sourcing raw materials from original destinations through our own resident representatives and upfront buyouts for maintaining our competitive edge. Due to the strong network of our regional farm producers and our dedicated endeavors, we have made huge leaps in exporting large amounts of Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Egg and Rice to our customers throughout the world. With regard to our Coir/Coconut Products, Wood Products, Corrugated Cardboard and Carton Boxes, Eatables, we have our manufacturing units to meet bulk export demands.

Our products are subjected to various stages of scrutiny, each for a specific objective and our export products comply with the optimum global quality standards. The export quality inspection processes takes place at regular intervals beginning from when the raw materials are being procured. The inspections ascertain the intrinsic characteristics of our products. We have experienced and committed experts who scrutinize the products prior to declaring them suitable for export. The packaging of each and every export product is designed to be aesthetically gratifying and according to the specifications of the Indian Institute of Packing, which even surpasses the standards of the global benchmarks. We Swarna Trades have a wide-ranging, effectual and well-organized distribution set-up which confirms to the moral fibre of our export company. Further we are equipped with spacious warehousing facilities which permit us to store large stocks and hence fulfill all types of export demands. As a result, customers representing overseas countries are able to source our diversified export products within the agreed time period. We also regularly update ourselves with the latest technologies and enhance our skills. And hence we offer a truly satisfying long-term business relationship with our overseas buyers and they relish the value of our relations.

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